Animal House Pet and Home Care offers a number of services designed to care for your home and pets when you are traveling out of town or just too busy. We can accommodate your busy schedule and your particular requirements for your pet(s) and your home. No task is too small to satisfy your unique situation. We will even accommodate last minute calls as long as there is adequate time to discuss the details.  
… We provide excellent customer service while caring for your household and beloved pets at any hour of the day, on any day of the year…
Read over our list of services below. If you would like to sign up for an appointment go to the Contact Us page and fill out the questionnaire, or send us an E-mail. You are also welcome to call at any time. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions.

To learn what we cover during our on-site appointment, check out How to Get Started section below.

Here is a list of services that we commonly provide for our clients:

  Pet Sitting Take Out the Garbage and Recycle Bins
  Dog Walking Take in the Mail or Newspapers
  Pet Feeding Adjust ~ Rotate ~ Alternate Lighting
  Medication Administered Open or Close Window Covers
  Clean up Litterbox or Yard Emergency Calls
  Watering Plants    
  Homewatch/Security/Daily Premises Check
  Pet Taxi to the Veterinarian or Pet Groomer
How To Get Started With Animal House  
  After our initial phone conversation, we will schedule a meeting at your home. This will be at your convenience, and prior to scheduling any services with Animal House.

We always like to meet a new client in person. It’s important that we get to know one another and spend some time with your pet(s) prior to our first scheduled visit. We want to understand your pets' routines and needs, and to get to know your home for any specific requirements that will need attention while you are gone. It always helps to see what is required to care for your most important possessions.

We will complete the following easy-to-fill-out forms together during our meeting. These help construct a final service contract and permissions necessary for the services you require:

  A contractual agreement form that outlines the Animal House Pet and Home Care services that we have mutually agreed will be preformed at your home.  

A form that collects all the important information about your pet(s) and your home so that we can be prepared to complete all the services you have selected.

  A form that allows us to take your pet(s) in for veterinary treatment in case of an emergency.  
  A form that authorizes Animal House the use of your house keys for the period of service, or longer if you so choose.  
Animal House
Pet and Home Care
is a fully insured and bonded
pet sitting, dog walking and
home care service.
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